Story by Daniel Rogger
Images by Albert Ohams
Production by Caitlin Rogger

This project was crowdfunded by a campaign at Indiegogo.


Anna Raute
Anna Rosso
Arizu Karimi
Barbara Moore
Ben and Bobo Leroith
Brendon Mcconnell
Caitlin Cook
Claire Vallings
Daniel Ozarow
Don and Mary Lou Cook
Emily Cook
Emla Fitzsimons
Finn Clawson
Hanna Niczyporuk
Ingvil Gaarder
Jan Stuhler
Joao Montalvao
Josephine and Oliver Rogger
Magne Mogstad
Marco Hafner
Marta Rubio Codina
Matthew Cusick
Obi Dike
Peter Kingsley
Rebecca Rogger
Richard Murphy
Sami Stouli
William Procter